Wednesday, July 14, 2010

R.I.P. Harvey Pekar 1939-2010

From frequent collaborator Gary Dumm's Facebook page:

"I don't get on Facebook much, but with the passing of my friend and collaborator Harvey Pekar I thought I'd say something here. As irascible and curmudgeonly as Harvey might have truthfully appeared in the pages of American Splendor and certainly somewhat in his daily life NOT recorded there, I can only say that in 30 plus years of knowing and dealing with him there was much more. 

He was, first of all, without fail a generous and helpful friend to me, whenever possible finding work that I could do either with him or not. Our working together at first was somewhat cautious, as Greg Budgett and I found that Harvey knew what he wanted and that was ALL that he wanted - we'd sometimes "deviate" particularly pictorially from Harvey's vision. But we hit a rhythm and an understanding, and that's why I'm proud to say that my art brought Harvey and his stories to life in almost every issue of American Splendor published. I "got" Harvey early on, realizing and appreciating that his quasi-reportorial writings about his life was almost zen in approach (although that  appraisal Harvey would only laugh off). And so American Splendor became an integral part of my artistic life. 

I am so sorry for his passing, especially for his wife Joyce and daughter Danielle. We have lost a great talent, but they have lost so much more. Laura's and my thoughts are with them. I will miss talking with him and even hearing him kvetch about whatever: editors, publishers etc. So long, a Chekov from Cleveland, some episodes and memories of you are there for the ages to read. I know that I'll never forget you."

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