Friday, November 27, 2015

Genghis Con 2015 Table Map

1- Gary Dumm
2- A: Ron Hill
2- B: Laura Dumm
3- A: Amalia DeGirolamo
3- B: Sequoia Bostick
4- A: Oberlin Comics Collective
4- B: Melissa Mary
5- Justin Will
6- A: Clare Kolat
6- B: Tim Switlalski
7- A: Angela Oster
7- B: Ashley Ribblet
8- Daniel Wyke
9- John G
10- A: Aaron Lange
10- B: Jake Kelly
11- A: Kevin Fagan
11- B: 80 Proof Comix
12- A: Easy Press
12- B: Jack Reese
13- A: Sophie Goldstein
13- B: Carl Antonowicz
14-A: Amber Esner
15- B: Phoebe Thomas
15- A: Dave Arhar
15- B: David Wilson
16-Ted Sikora
17- Matthew Chojnacki
18- Derf
19- Guide to Kulchur
20- A: Nicholas Kratsas
20- B: Julia Eff
21- A: Alexis Spanos
21- B: Shari Ross
22- A: Max Bare
22- B: Kris Lachowski
23- Cowboy House International
24- A: Pat Kain
24- B: Dan McCloskey
25- Frank Santoro
26- A: Nate McDonough
26- B: Nils Balls
27- Royal Oak Comix Party
28- Tinto Press
29- Mullet Turtle Comics
30- One Percent Press
31- Czap Books
32- A: Jessi Zabarsky
32- B: Matthew New
33- A: Jenn Lisa
33- B: Juan Fernandez
34- A: Simon Reinhardt
34- B: Bryn Adams
35- A: Silver Kraken
35- B: Erika Lavin
36- A: Kris Starlein
36- B: Kit Vasey
37- Sarah Sobole
38- A: OOF! Comics + Animation
38- B: Sean Dempsey
39- Bruce Worden
40- Rust Belt Monster Collective
41- Rust Belt Monster Collective
42- A: Joe Kuth
42- B: Jason Young
44- Tom Williams
45- A: Steve Myers
45- B: Illiterature Press
46- A: Calvert Comics
46- B: Thunder Khan
47- A: Tymothi Godek
47- B: Steve Harrison
48- Secret Landscape
49- A: Kelsey Cretcher
49- B: Jillian Leigh
50- Bob Corby
51- Nix Comics
52- Narrier Publishing
53- A: Ben Jammin & Paul Jessup
53- B: J. Caleb Mozzocco

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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Genghis Con 2015 This Weekend!

Genghis Con returns to the Cleveland area for its 7th year! Join us on Sunday, November 29th from 2pm to 7pm at the Lake Erie Building (AKA the Screw Factory, 13000 Athens Ave, Lakewood OH). Come find out why Cleveland Magazine called us the Best Comic Convention in the city!
Small Press Underground Comic Convention
2pm - 7pm
Sunday November 29th, 2015
Lake Erie Building
13000 Athens Ave, Lakewood
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Genghis Con Dance-N-Draw

Come to Mahall's the Saturday night before Genghis Con for our kickoff Dance-N-Draw!
Music by DJ Mimi Lean
DJ White Rims -
& DJ Rachel H (of WRUW's Guilty Pleasures) -
Art Supplies will be provided by Blick, but feel free to bring your own!
See you on the dance floor!-RSVP on Facebook!

Friday, October 16, 2015

Genghis Con 2015 Exhibitor List

Genghis Con 2015, November 29th
Poster by John G

We're excited to unveil not only John G's poster for this year (see above), but also the exhibitor list! Be sure not to miss Genghis Con 2015, on Sunday, November 29th at the Lake Erie Building!
Updated November 5th * Cleveland based

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Apply for Genghis Con 2015!

We're excited to announce that registration for Genghis Con 2015 is open! Click here to apply for a table at this year's show EDIT: APPLICATIONS ARE CLOSED

Once again, Genghis Con will be held at the Lake Erie Building (13000 Athens Ave, Lakewood OH 44107) on Sunday, November 29th from 2pm to 7pm. Registration closes August 20.

More details to come, so in the meantime be sure to follow Genghis Con on facebook (, twitter ( and tumblr (!

- Genghis Con Crew